A fellowship run by the The Frank Sargeson Trust in association with Auckland University and sponsored by Buddle Findlay Lawyers supports writer(s) to live in the Sargeson Centre, adjacent to the University of Auckland, with an annual stipend.[1]


1984 - Janet Frame (poetry, short stories, novels)

19?? - Marilyn Duckworth (poetry, short stories, novels, radio plays, television scripts)

19?? - Michael King (historical non-fiction, biographies)

19?? - Elspeth Sandys (historical fiction, radio and stage plays)

19?? - Alan Duff (novels)

19?? - Kevin Ireland (poetry)

1997 - Shonagh Koea (novels, short stories) and Diane Brown (poetry, novels)

1998 - Sarah Quigley (poetry, fiction, non-fiction) and Catherine Chidgey (novels)

1999 - Tina Shaw (novels, short stories) and Kapka Kassabova (poetry)

2000 - Sue Reidy (novels, short stories), James Brown (poetry, short fiction) and Charlotte Grimshaw (short stories)

2001 - Chad Taylor (novels) and Vivienne Plumb (plays (theatre), poetry, fiction)

2002 - Denis Baker (novels, short stories) and Riemke Ensing (poetry)

2003 - Debra Daley (television scripts, fiction) and Toa Fraser (plays (theatre))

2004 - Karyn Hay (novels, broadcasting) and Craig Marriner (novels)

2005 - Fiona Samuel (television and film scripts) and Peter Cox (novels, essays)

2006 - Emily Perkins (novels)

2007 - James George (novels)

2008 - Brigid Lowry (poetry, novels, short stories) and Paula Morris (novels, short stories)

2009 - Steve Braunias (non-fiction) and Julian Novitz (novels, short stories)

2010 - Sonja Yelich (poetry) and Sarah Laing (novels, short stories, illustrations)

2011 - Sue Orr (short stories) and Mark Broatch (columns, reviews)


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