Menton is a town in the south of France, near the Italian border on the Côte d' Azur, known since the mid 19th century as a resort town for the sick and dying due to its mild and 'curative' climate.

Relevance to New Zealand literature Edit

Katherine MansfieldEdit

Katherine Mansfield lived in Menton in the Villa Isola Bella from (month?) 1920 until June, 1921. She suffered from a number of illnesses including peritonitis, arthritis, gonorrhea and a weak heart. Mansfield was very happy in Menton, and wrote many of her best works while there. 19 months after leaving Menton, she died of tuberculosis.[1]

Katherine Mansfield Menton FellowshipEdit

see full article. In 1970, Celia Manson and Sheilah Winn established an award that would enable New Zealand writers to travel to and live in Menton for six months or more, and to write in the same room that Mansfield wrote in while she was there.

As Fair as New Zealand to MeEdit

As Fair as New Zealand to Me (2000) is a book of letters written by various recipients of the Katherine Mansfield Fellowship award to the late Katherine Mansfield about their time in 'her' Menton.


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