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15 September 2012





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Welcome to the New Zealand Literature WikiEdit

This is a space to find and share information regarding New Zealand literature - from authors and themes to obscure references. For more information, please see the About and Content pages.

Please help to grow this wiki to make New Zealand literature more accessible to New Zealanders and others.

Hello Members!Edit

I am very excited to see that the New Zealand Literature Wiki now has some members other than myself. Thanks for joining, team, and feel free to start editing... or just lurk :)

Current projectsEdit

Once I have completed these, I will start to publicise the wiki around Wikia, on Facebook and Twitter, and through real-life networks like university Literary Societies, English departments and schools. Right now I'm pretty sure I'm the only one who looks at this wiki, but this information is here just in case anyone stumbles across it.

How can you help?Edit

Just start editing! If anyone is interested in mentoring me through the process of starting up a wiki, please get in touch.

List of requested articles < click here to see a list of pages that need to be created.