I've been working on this wiki instead of my essay on "the use of stage space in A Midsummer Night's Dream," which is probably not a good thing for my grades, but I've really enjoyed it.

I'm learning a lot more about how wikis work and am constantly getting lost in the network of pages that do and don't exist - and I'm intrigued by the notion of this mysterious "css" I keep hearing about - but I really think any exploration of that should wait until exams are over.

As mentioned on the home page, I'm working on getting a solid base of 50 or more articles started, as Wikia recommends that many before starting to publicise the wiki and attract more users.

In real life

My three university courses this semester are "Nation and Narration in New Zealand Literature," "Shakespeare: page, stage and screen" and "Digital Literature." I really like all three, though I have to admit, Shakespeare does drag a bit (says the future high school English and Drama teacher).

Unfortunately, I handed in an essay for NZ Lit on Thursday that I thought was due in on Friday, but was actually due the previous Wednesday (what's it called when you mentally reverse numbers when you read them off a page? It was due on the 12th and I read it as the 21st) Ouch! That's a 30% penalty on an assignment worth 20% of the whole course. This could be the first time in my life I might face failing a university course - I already skipped handing in a 10% report on the assumption that I would do every thing else, and I don't need an A in this course, and I missed two of a total of eight tutorials when I went to my friend's wedding in Japan. Oops. In reality, I don't think I'll fail, as I've got a 50% exam still to do, which I reckon I can get 80% in (making 40% for the course), and I've done well in the tuts I have attended, as well as the other 10% report that I did hand in! But it could be close...

In Digital Literature, we're currently focussing on video games, so I played a game called Journey in my workshop last Friday. I'm a complete novice (I believe the correct term is n00b) at these things, but it's fascinating looking at them in literary terms.

And in Shakespeare, there's that essay I really must get onto...

Kiwiatwikia (talk) 08:36, September 22, 2012 (UTC)